Phoenix to Monument Valley

Today we drove from Phoenix to Monument Valley in a rented Nissan Pathfinder. We took a slight detour to see the Sedona area, then continued up through the Navajo Nation to Kayenta, where we stopped for a few supplies, then on to Monument Valley in the darkness.

Monument Valley 2020
Fri 1/24/20Phoenix to Monument Valley
Sat 1/25/20A Day at Monument Valley
Fri 1/26/20Driving to Santa Fe
Fri 1/27/20Santa Fe & Albuquerque

Chip Thomas's Painted Desert Project connects public artists with communities through mural opportunities on the Navajo Nation. Some of those murals are in the tiny town of Gray Mountain, where we stopped for gas.

We passed many abandoned businesses in the small towns in and around the Navajo Nation.

Dense fog blocked the view from our balcony at the View Hotel when we arrived.
I got one brief glimpse of the stars when the fog cleared later that night, then the fog came back even thicker than before.