In January 2020, we visited Monument Valley. We flew from Seattle to Phoenix, then drove a rental car up to Monument Valley for two nights at the View Hotel, then we drove to Santa Fe for two nights of relaxing before flying out of Albuquerque back to Seattle. I took many photos, and the links below will take you to pages that include some of my favorites from each day of the trip.

Monument Valley 2020
Fri 1/24/20Phoenix to Monument Valley
Sat 1/25/20A Day at Monument Valley
Fri 1/26/20Driving to Santa Fe
Fri 1/27/20Santa Fe & Albuquerque

We toured Monument Valley on our own, driving a rental car around the 17-mile loop road. But next time (and there will definitely be a next time), I'd like to arrange a private tour with Sacred Monument or a similar agency. Navajo tour guides can take you places you can't get on your own, and I'd love to spend some time exploring the less traveled areas of this amazing valley.