Through Jamie's Eyes

Through Jamie's Eyes
Jamie exploring Uptown Butte on a Saturday morning

I was always fascinated by Jamie's perspective. I wanted to see what he saw. In hindsight, it's now clear to me how posting on social media "as Jamie" became an outlet for my obsession with seeing the world through his eyes.

When Jamie was young, we'd spend long hours sitting side by side on the top front step of our house, where we could see over the fence and watch cars, people, and dogs pass by on the street. Jamie rarely barked at anything. We just watched.

Jamie and I drove countless miles together over the years: running errands, commuting to work, drives into the mountains on weekends, and road trips all over the US and Canada. I put around 350,000 miles on the three pickup trucks we owned during Jamie's lifetime, and I'd guess he was riding along for at least half of those miles.

Jamie riding shotgun

When he rode shotgun next to me, we were always scanning the horizon together and reacting to what we saw. I pointed things out to him, and he pointed things out to me.

The first and last photos of Jamie riding shotgun next to me. Left: on Rainier Avenue in Seattle, 3 days after we got him. Right: in the Elkhorn Mountains, Montana, 5 days before his death.