Lake Of The Woods, Oregon

Lake Of The Woods, Oregon

We've traveled a lot with our dogs. They've been in our truck for most of its 230,000 miles over the last 8 years, visiting 25 states and 3 Canadian provinces and territories. And I think this may be their favorite spot they've ever stayed: Cabin 22 at Lake Of The Woods, Oregon.

We first visited in 2011, staying for one night on the way from Seattle down to Berkeley for Christmas. That brief stop in a winter wonderland was magical, and we stopped again for New Year's Eve on the way home a week later, then came back again for two nights later that same winter.

Since then we've been back between Christmas and New Year's in both 2012 and 2014, in 2015 we celebrated one month after my first hip replacement with a visit (meeting up with our friend Michael from nearby Talent, Oregon), and last year (2017) we stayed a night on the way to Berkeley for Thanksgiving.

Jamie and Alice love this place because it's full of off-least time in the snow. With one exception on our second visit, we've always stayed in Cabin 22, the dog-friendly cabin out at the back edge of the resort, closest to the areas along the lake shore that nobody seems to visit in the winter, except us. And just a mile away is a huge meadow that we've visited for many sunsets and sunrises.

Below are a few favorite photos from our winter visits to Lake Of The Woods. We're thinking 2019 may be the year we first check it out in the summer, which will be quite different. We've heard as recently as yesterday that it gets extremely crowded in the summer.

Jamie's first visit, with Mount McLoughlin in the background - 12/24/2011
Jamie and Alice's first time at the Great Meadow - 12/24/2011
New Year's Eve - 12/31/2011
pre-sunrise on New Year's Day - 1/1/2012
a sunset run on the frozen lake - 2/23/2012
returning on 12/28/2012
chilling on the couch in Cabin 22 - 12/28/2012
on the resort dock - 12/28/2014
on the screened porch - 10/9/2015
6AM at the Great Meadow - 11/17/2017
Christmas Eve - 12/24/2018
the general store on Christmas Day - 12/25/2018
Alice on the lake, morning of 12/26/2018
Mount McLoughlin (lit by sunrise) - 12/28/2018
What a fun surprise to go to their web site to make a reservation in late 2019 and see Jamie and Alice on the home page! (I had sent them a few photos years ago and said to feel free to use them for promotional purposes.)