Jamie Samoyed's Pack

Jamie Samoyed's Pack
Home page of the new Jamie Samoyed's Pack group on Facebook

As of a few minutes ago, we have rolled out the all-new Jamie Samoyed's Pack page on Facebook. The goal of this change is simple: more fun, less spam!

You can find it by searching Facebook Groups for Jamie Samoyed's Pack, or by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jamiesamoyed. Click the Join button there, and most people will be auto-approved immediately. (More info on this below.)

Going forward, I'll be posting about the daily life of the pack on this new "group," instead of at the old Jamie Samoyed "page" that we've had since 2010. The rest of this post is some additional information for followers of the Jamie Samoyed page.

NOTE: we're going to leave all of the existing content on Jamie Samoyed and Friends of Jamie, Alice, Nancy and Isaac, so that people can go back to search those sites in the future if desired. But we won't be posting in those places any more, and all new content will be on the new Jamie Samoyed's Pack group.

Joining the new group

The new group is private, so you need to join it. Go to the page, by either searching Facebook Groups for Jamie Samoyed's Pack or by browsing to https://www.facebook.com/groups/jamiesamoyed, and then click the Join button.

If you've been on Facebook for more than two years without changing your name, your request to join the group should be auto-approved almost immediately. Other requests will take a little more time. We're planning to approve almost everyone at first, but then I'll be reviewing members and banning people who are clearly spammers or scammers.

Things could be a little chaotic the first few days, so please be patient if your request isn't approved immediately. We'll work through them as quickly as possible.

Once you have access to the group, you'll start seeing posts there. We plan to do the same sorts of posts we've been doing on the old Jamie Samoyed page, and they should show up in your notifications just like they did in the past. It should all feel pretty familiar.

My Facebook account(s)

You will see my new Doug Mahugh account as the name of the moderator of the group, and you may also see a few references to an account named Dough Mao, which I used for some testing that required two accounts. For the last five years, I was using Megan's Facebook account to manage the Jamie Samoyed page, but that had gotten overly complicated at times. Having my own account will simplify things, but I am not getting back on Facebook. I won't be using these accounts for anything other than managing the new group, so I won't be accepting friend requests or replying to messages or comments on them.

On a related note, if you search for me on Facebook you'll see the old Doug Mahugh account I had from 2006-2018. It's a long boring story not worth re-telling, but I've lost access to that account, and Facebook can't help me recover it. That account needs to continue to exist (even if it's inactive), because deleting it would also delete all of the photos I posted to the Jamie Samoyed page from that account between 2010 and 2018.

Big thanks to Megan and Vrushti for helping me get things together to simplify this messy situation! To state the obvious, my decision to not use Facebook has made running a Facebook page rather complicated at times. But we now have an approach in place where I'll be posting under my real name, in a single place, with the tools to minimize spammers going forward.

Photo albums

One new thing you'll notice is that there are photo albums in the group. You can scroll through those albums to view, download, or comment on the photos. There are 19 albums as of today, and we have many more in the works to roll out in the weeks and months ahead.

These are the photo albums that are currently on the page.

Thanks to everyone who has made the Jamie Samoyed page fun and interesting over the years! We're looking forward to more of the same on the new Jamie Samoyed's Pack group. See you there.